Ice Bath

If you’re looking for the greatest health hack available, then look no further.  A daily cold bath will benefit your health and well-being in numerous ways. The key is to do it on a daily basis. This isn’t something you do once a week; you need everyday cold exposure to reap the full benefits. The following advantages have all been investigated by certified scientists and have proven to be effective:

1. Increases dopamine production by 300%.

2. Boosts immune function.

3. Reduces inflammation.

4. Increases metabolism and aids weight loss.

5. Improves recovery

6. Accelerates lymphatic drainage.

7. Reduces stress.

8. Boosts thermogenesis (control your own heat).

9. Improved blood sugar regulation

Take a dip in our amazing cold plunge or try out contrast therapy and start with an IR sauna session followed by a dip in our cold plunge. The results are out of this world.