Chinese Medicine Consult

In the world of Chinese medicine, people are encouraged to consult with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor before something goes wrong so that they may be advised how to maintain their health, optimize their wellbeing, and prevent illness. This is a lot easier to do if you are relatively healthy to begin with. First, a typical TCM practitioner will gather data. Listen to your story, as well as gather information from “nonverbal elements,” such as your demeanor, movement, voice, bodily sounds, and complexion. She will examine your tongue, take your pulse and temperature, and then feel your skin, muscle tone, internal organs, etc, as appropriate.

Your TCM provider is working under a set of diagnostic principles that strive to identify imbalance. This imbalance is made manifest by patterns of disharmony (known as bian zheng). An example of imbalance made manifest might be a headache.

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