29 Aug

Lip augmentation or lip enhancement is a beautifying procedure that gives your lips a brimful and plumper look and making them more attractive. We at our clinic are aiming to give your lips a very natural look. Natural plump is given by our expert dermatologists and aestheticians who are aiming to provide requested treatments of lip enhancement, which is one of our clinic’s most popular ministrations. The first thing that we do is to demonstrate the lip augmentation procedure to the customers by educating them about services and to illustrate the mechanism working behind it. Also physicians describe to patients about chemicals or substances which are involved, and their mode and duration of action. Usually in real-life patient feels that natural augmentation can not be done, but we assure that natural looking augmentation by masterly hands can be attained.

Injectable dermal fillers are used for lip augmentation. One of the most common fillers used is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is also known as hyaluronan which is a natural substance already present in our body. This clear gooey substance is produced by the body and is present in connective tissues of the skin and eyes. The vital role of hyaluronic acid is to keep skin tissues moist and hydrated. In Aesthetic clinics substance used for lip augmentation is obtained from rooster combs and is prepared in laboratories. In lip augmentation procedure. fillers of hyaluronic acid are used to give your lips a proper shape, volume, and structure by improving their appearance naturally. Different products of hyaluronic acids are used in aesthetic clinics, these are the same in their mode of action, length of action, and cosmetic results. Hyaluronic acid products are Restylane L and Restylane R. Other may include Juvaderm Ultra, Juvaderm volvelle XC, Juvaderm ultra plus, Belotero balance, Hylaform, Elevers, and Prevella silk.

Benefits of using Hyaluronic acid fillers:

Hyaluronic acid fillers are less likely to cause any allergic reaction because these are made from the same substance as formed in our body. Lidocaine is used for numbness of lips and is mostly incorporated as part of hyaluronic acid fillers composition. Filler

injections are given at different appointments until desired results are obtained. Hyaluronic acid fillers cause less bumping, lumping, swelling, and bruising of lips if it does occur then it can easily be reduced as compared to other dermal fillers.

Collagen was also one of the most common types of fillers used in older days but hyaluronic acid fillers have largely replaced it because collagen only causes plumping of lips. Hyaluronic acid does the same in addition to water retention for natural lip plump and fuller-looking pout.

The fat filler is also a choice but there are certain risks associated with it.

Selection criteria for lip augmentation:

Before going into a procedure you have to think twice and you need to make a question to yourself that why you are getting into the process of lip augmentation? as this procedure may involve some risks and perils. You want to augment your lips to give proper definition to your face and lips or you want to make someone else happy?

Doctor/Patient consultation:

Before going into a procedure of lip augmentation our clinic will provide you a short consultation session between you and a qualified dermatologist, who will ask about your present health condition or history of diseases like cold sores, and oral herpes. If you are diabetic then you are not a good candidate for lip augmentation. If you are suffering from lupus or have blood clotting issues, you need to discuss it before getting into the process.

Process of lip augmentation:

In the doctor’s office, an Injectable filler of hyaluronic acid is applied with little or no downtime. Some products of hyaluronic acid have an already incorporated lidocaine

in them. If not, then other topical or local numbing agents are used to help ease in patients’ discomfort. Holding ice is also helpful to numb the area and if the patient desires for complete numbness then nerve blocking agents can be used. Once the area is marked and numbed carefully, the next step is to apply filler injection with complete accuracy to give your lips a natural plump and fullness. This would also give an immediate attractive shape and symmetry to lips and an overall improved and juvenile appearance to the face. Healing would take a few hours, once its done lips will appear very normal and natural.

Avoid giving pressure to treated areas of lips right after the procedure to a few hours, and also avoid applying lipstick or other lip care products.

Aftercare of Lip augmentation:

Dermatologists encourage patients to sleep with their heads slightly elevated and advise to not sleep by their sides for 24-48 hours.

Side effects and risks of lip augmentation:

Although hyaluronic acid fillers are associated with very few side effects and these should last only for a few days. These temporary side effects and risks may include;

 Redness and tenderness at the site of action  Swelling
 Bruising
 Bleeding from the injection site of lips

 Infection at the injection site
 Sometimes lips asymmetry and irregularities may happen  Ulceration or stiffening of lips

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) :  Is lip augmentation painful?

If the person administering lip filler is an expert you may not feel any pain. There might be slight discomfort but no pain is associated with the procedure.

 How long lip fillers last?
Lip fillers last from six to eight months. You need to get your lips topped up every six

months for a permanent natural appearance.  Do lip fillers change your smile?

If lip filler is injected directly into the parenthesis of mouth it can change your smile.  Do lip fillers permanently stretch your lips?

If the process is repeatedly done then fillers do act as tissue expanders causing permanent stretching and sagging of lips.

 Can lip fillers affect my teeth?
Lips with repeated augmentation cause it to push further over teeth and making them

hard to show when smiling.
 Which lip filler lasts the longest?
Restylane and Juvaderm last for about 6 months and offer a very natural look. Should I massage the lip fillers lump?
Always consult your doctor in case of lumps. Massage gently, not too rigorous. Read more at Dr Refresh Med Spa Filler Injections in West Hollywood, Los Angeles or book your appointment now here