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14 Sep

Laser Hair Removal: A Safe Depilation Method

Unwanted hair is a problem for young women. Unwanted hairs are removed through many methods such as waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and plucking. Some treatments are also employed for hair removal such as electrical depilatories. These techniques remove hair by the salts of thiolactic acid and thioglycolic acids. But all these treatments provide a temporary solution (Gan& Graber, 2013, p. 835).

Laser Hair Removal has been revolutionized as a hair-free procedure by making people’s life easy. A laser device was used in 1996 for hair removal. This device delayed the growth of hair for three months. Nowadays, laser devices facilitate longer-lasting hair removal (Tanzi et al., 2003, p. 31).

How does it work?

Laser Hair Removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser beam that destroys the hair follicles of the skin. When light is emitted on the surface of skin, it develops various paths of emission, absorbance or reflection. The absorbed light then targets the chromophore (melanin) in the skin. Melanin converts this absorbed light into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicles, which are special sacs for hair production. When hair follicles are damaged, hair growth is delayed (Maziaret al., 2009).

People of all skin types can take advantage of Laser hair Removal. But this procedure needs to be done multiple times for a longer-lasting delay in hair production. This medical procedure is applied to different locations of the body, e.g. upper lips, chin, arms, legs, armpits and bikini line.

How do you prepare for it?

The very first step in this regard is to consult your doctor or dermatologist. Make sure your consultant is officially certified in dermatology. Sometimes salons and spas have not certified medical staff for Laser Hair Removal. So, make sure to be cautious about them. You should allow your doctor to:

Look for your skin type, skin disorders such as scars and rashes etc.
Assess your past medical treatment of hair removal.
Aware you about do’s and don’ts of Laser Hair Removal
Review for before and after assessments

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal:

Laser Hair Removal provides the following benefits:

High Precision: The Laser Removal method tends to effectively destroy the hair follicles without damaging the skin. This is all because of the highly precise wavelength selection. Laser Hair Removal procedure has the ability to remove dark and light hair types with great precision.
Greater Speed: Laser Hair Removal procedure uses a special type of laser on which speed can be adjusted through pulse of the laser. Laser tends to remove hairs very fast as well as removes several hairs at the same time. It takes several minutes to treat smaller areas such as chin and upper lips but takes up to an hour for treating larger areas such as legs and arms.
Gradual Hair Reduction: Although multiple laser treatments are implemented at initial stages, people who have undergone this procedure observed a great reduction in their hair growth. Hair can be reduced to an extent where you would not need to shave at all.
Pain-free Procedure: A minor pain is experienced during Laser Hair Removal treatment. As compared to waxing and plucking, Laser Hair Removal is a pain-free method. Skin becomes a little numb after treatment, which is relieved after a short period of time.


       Laser Hair Removal Process (parkavedermatology.com)    

Some Instructions before Laser Treatment:

Do not go out: Avoiding exposure to the sun is necessary before starting Laser treatment because ultraviolet radiations may damage the skin. In case of going out, do not forget to apply a sunscreen e.g., SPF30.
Avoid Shaving and Waxing: Waxing or shaving can disturb the growth of hair follicles. Therefore, it is necessary to stop using these methods before laser treatment.
Avoid Medications: Medications can result in the thinning of blood such as aspirin. Always consult your doctor about medications before treatment.

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