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11 Sep

As COVID-19 is infecting the world with debilitating long-term symptoms, attempts are being made to find ways to alleviate viral symptoms and accelerate recovery time. Even if you’ve recovered from the illness, you still may experience the after-effects of COVID-19, such as being unable to think clearly.

Intravenous treatments (IVs) have gained popularity during the pandemic in lessening the symptoms of COVID-19. Multiple studies have shown that IV vitamin C has proven to be a potential therapeutic option against COVID-19. Read on to find more about IV vitamins.

What Is IV Vitamin Treatment?

The IV vitamin treatment works to boost your immune system and alleviate COVID-19 symptoms by introducing vitamins and other nutrients into your bloodstream. During the treatment, a solution of vitamins is directly administered in your bloodstream through the insertion of an IV line into the vein of the arm.

Mostly, the IV vitamin treatment in fighting against COVID-19 includes the administration of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body to defend against COVID-19 symptoms because it exhibits pharmacological characteristics, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and immune-modulatory effects [1].

What Does The Research Say About IV Vitamin C For COVID-19 Symptoms?

During the COVID-19 infection, your immune system triggers an aggressive inflammatory response, called cytokine storm, meaning that abnormal cytokines are released at a higher rate than normal. As a result, healthy tissues are attacked, producing high levels of inflammation and leading to respiratory issues.

According to a study, IV vitamin C has been shown to reduce cytokine storm by the improved antiviral immune defense and adrenal function [2].

Many studies have also shown that IV vitamin C therapy is the most effective method for consuming vitamin C because it produces high ascorbate concentrations in blood compared to oral consumption of vitamin C. Moreover, intravenous supplementation of vitamin C has been linked with shortened ventilation time in critical COVID-19 patients, and reduced length of ICU stay [3].

Benefits Of IV Vitamin C During COVID-19:

Here are the potential benefits of IV vitamin C that might help you to relieve the COVID-19 symptoms:

  1. IV Vit-C Has 100% Absorption Rate: IV vitamin C therapy administers vitamins directly into your bloodstream. Research says that people obtain only 20% absorption through oral intake of vitamin C supplements, while 100% absorption through IV vitamin therapy is achieved.
  1. Boosts Immunity: Vitamin C IVs contain high doses of vitamin C that have been shown to rev up the immune system by acting as an antioxidant for lung epithelial cells and prooxidant for immune cells [4].
  1. Activates Reactive Oxygen Species: Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant by activating reactive oxygen species to destroy viruses and preventing oxidative damage. It also enhances neutrophil mortality, antibody production, and the proliferation of B and T lymphocytes.
  1. Reduces Cytokine Storm: A reduction in the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (cytokine storm) associated with severe COVID-19 [5].

Is IV Vitamin C Safe?

IV vitamin C therapy is a rapid way to receive vitamin C supplementation. When followed by medical guidelines, IV vitamin C is completely safe. IV vitamin C treatment should always be carried out by a medical professional because the treatment requires proper administration. A patient must also be screened to ensure that the treatment is safe for them. Dr Refresh Med Spa in West Hollywood is the best place for all vitamin IV drip services in Los Angeles. They offer a Immunity Boosting IV click here to read more or book yours now.


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